Libby Lu’s Puppy Do’s is a very busy family owned grooming salon looking for a grooming assistant. We are looking for a bather and customer relations specialist to join our team.  Prior experience with dogs preferred but we are willing to train the right candidate with a great attitude.  Must be good with both dogs and people.

Grooming assistants must be able to lead and control all size dogs to and from bathing area and grooming area. Lift all size dogs into bathing tub. Must control pets while lifting them over 36″ high into the bathing tub. Secure pets in the tub. Apply water, shampoo, conditioner, flea or other treatments as needed.

Other tasks include greeting customers and signing customers into the database, entering appointments, and making appointment reminder calls.  Must be detail oriented and have experience using computers.  

Grooming assistants may also need to express anal glands of dogs and clean ears, brush teeth, lift pets in and out of bathing tub and towel dry, force-air dry and/or place in cage dryers, as needed. Walk and water pets. Clean bathing room (could include using a squeegee, sweeping, mopping, drying the floor, if needed, lifting rubber mats off floor, cleaning rubber mats, cleaning cages, cleaning windows and equipment as needed), doing laundry, cleaning enclosures and assisting groomers as needed. Control all size dogs; lift & carry approx. 60 lbs (may obtain assistance for larger dogs); use and manipulate water hose in bathing tub; remain alert to details of canine body language and postures to recognize threats of aggression or flight; respond and move quickly to avoid injury or restrain a pet.

Background check and drug screen required. This is a part time, independent contractor type of job. Bathers start work at 8:00 am and work until done, usually 1-3 pm. This could be an excellent position for a parent of school aged children. Must have reliable transportation. Days of the week flexible but must be able to work Saturdays.

Part-time, independent contractor position